Welcome to Greater Than, a leading Public Relations and Communications agency in South Africa, Israel and the UK.

Our mission is “to amplify and make corporate and consumer brands greater than they already are.”

Greater Than is an international, award-winning full service PR agency with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Tel Aviv and London. Our clients benefit from our industry insight, entrepreneurial spirit, strong network and passionate dedication to our mission. Our recognition within the communications industry comes from a commitment to achieving hard hitting measurable business results for our clients.

With this greatness comes humbleness and a dedication to the professionalism of our industry, and while we know that the traditional way of doing things may be right for some clients, we understand that to be greater we need to push the boundaries, challenge the status quo and find new ways of breaking through the clutter. We have been doing just this for 11 years and have built up a team of talented PR professionals who, with their breadth and depth of expertise, create intelligent, informed strategic direction balanced with the finest client service, superb execution and exceptional results.

If you want a full service Public Relations, Social Media and Communications agency that knows how to amplify your brand through traditional and digital channels and make a positive contribution to your business goals, then you have come to the right place.